The BIGSdb website Policy concerning the platform & data use agreement and the privacy notice of BIGSdb-Pasteur was updated on March 25, 2024. Please consult it before using the platform and the data.

The procedure for submitting data for curation were updated on Mai 03, 2024. Please consult them before making a new submission. If any questions, contact us.

Welcome to BIGSdb-Pasteur, the genomic-based strain taxonomy and nomenclature platform of Institut Pasteur, powered by the BIGSdb software developed at Oxford University. This web platform hosts collections of curated, open or private databases of bacterial isolates, genomes and genotypes based on multilocus sequence typing (MLST), whole genome based typing and supplementary schemes (in particular, antimicrobial resistance or virulence genes).

Nomenclatures in BIGSdb-Pasteur are universally accessible for referencing and comparing strains, allowing global integration of epidemiological investigations of bacterial pathogens of public health importance, population biology research and surveillance activities in the contexts of One Health and Global Health (see the BIGSdb-Pasteur policy).

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