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Diphtheria MLST strain nomenclature

The MLST strain nomenclature service for diphtheriae/ulcerans strains is now available. This nomenclature has been earlier mantained by Martin Maiden and Keith Jolley at the University of Oxford, and now migrated by Sebastien Bridel to BIGSdb-Pasteur https://bigsdb.pasteur.fr/diphtheria/.

Upgraded to 1.32.2

BIGSdb pasteur is now in 1.32.2:

  • a customizable dashboard allows you to visualize key information such as geographical distribution, or number of isolates available in the database
  • the Microreact plugin have been updated following breaking changes introduced on the Microreact website

More information are available here

Upgraded to 1.30.0

BIGSdb pasteur is now in 1.30.0:

  • enabling support of iTOL

More information are available here

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