A BIGSdb-Pasteur maintenance is scheduled starting on Monday, Feb 13th at noon. All services will be offline till Tuesday, Feb 14th afternoon at least. During this period, the server and API will be unavailable. Please note that the job submission will be stopped and all unfinished jobs will be killed at 10am on Monday the 13th. Sorry for any inconvenience. If any questions, contact us

Upgraded to 1.35.1

BIGSdb pasteur is now in 1.35.1:

  • Version 1.34 provides support for LINcodes based on cgMLST schemes. See https://doi.org/10.1101/2021.07.26.453808 for more information about LINcodes.
  • Version 1.35 adds support for alternative codon tables.

More information are available here

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