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310262562019Guglielmini J, Bourhy P, Schiettekatte O, Zinini F, Brisse S, Picardeau M (2019) PLoS Negl Trop Dis 13: e0007374 Genus-wide Leptospira core genome multilocus sequence typing for strain taxonomy and global surveillance.
328223492020Guglielmini J, Bourhy P, Schiettekatte O, Zinini F, Brisse S, Picardeau M (2020) PLoS Negl Trop Dis 14: e0008673 Correction: Genus-wide Leptospira core genome multilocus sequence typing for strain taxonomy and global surveillance.
311208952019Vincent AT, Schiettekatte O, Goarant C, Neela VK, Bernet E, Thibeaux R, Ismail N, Mohd Khalid MKN, Amran F, Masuzawa T, Nakao R, Amara Korba A, Bourhy P, Veyrier FJ, Picardeau M (2019) PLoS Negl Trop Dis 13: e0007270 Revisiting the taxonomy and evolution of pathogenicity of the genus Leptospira through the prism of genomics.
268331812016Xu Y, Zhu Y, Wang Y, Chang YF, Zhang Y, Jiang X, Zhuang X, Zhu Y, Zhang J, Zeng L, Yang M, Li S, Wang S, Ye Q, Xin X, Zhao G, Zheng H, Guo X, Wang J (2016) Sci Rep 6: 20020 Whole genome sequencing revealed host adaptation-focused genomic plasticity of pathogenic Leptospira.
353000482022Putz EJ, Bayles DO, Alt DP, Nally JE (2022) J Genomics 10: 45-48 Complete Genome Sequence of Four Strains of Leptospira borgpetersenii serovar Hardjo isolated from Cattle in the Central United States.
305337302018Cordonin C, Toty C, Mavingui P, Tortosa P (2018) Microbiol Resour Announc 7: Complete Genome Sequences of Three Leptospira mayottensis Strains from Tenrecs That Are Endemic in the Malagasy Region.
297653612018Thibeaux R, Girault D, Bierque E, Soupé-Gilbert ME, Rettinger A, Douyère A, Meyer M, Iraola G, Picardeau M, Goarant C (2018) Front Microbiol 9: 816 Biodiversity of Environmental Leptospira: Improving Identification and Revisiting the Diagnosis.
230410832012Chou LF, Chen YT, Lu CW, Ko YC, Tang CY, Pan MJ, Tian YC, Chiu CH, Hung CC, Yang CW (2012) Gene 511: 364-70 Sequence of Leptospira santarosai serovar Shermani genome and prediction of virulence-associated genes.
252495632014Bourhy P, Collet L, Brisse S, Picardeau M (2014) Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 64: 4061-4067 Leptospira mayottensis sp. nov., a pathogenic species of the genus Leptospira isolated from humans.
260385042014Chou LF, Chen TW, Ko YC, Pan MJ, Tian YC, Chiu CH, Tang P, Hung CC, Yang CW (2014) Emerg Microbes Infect 3: e82 Potential impact on kidney infection: a whole-genome analysis of Leptospira santarosai serovar Shermani.
293107482018Thibeaux R, Iraola G, Ferrés I, Bierque E, Girault D, Soupé-Gilbert ME, Picardeau M, Goarant C (2018) Microb Genom 4: Deciphering the unexplored Leptospira diversity from soils uncovers genomic evolution to virulence.
330176882020Lata KS, Vaghasia V, Bhairappanavar SB, Kumar S, Ayachit G, Patel S, Das J (2020) Infect Genet Evol 85: 104579 Whole genome sequencing and de novo assembly of three virulent Indian isolates of Leptospira.
231451892012Ricaldi JN, Fouts DE, Selengut JD, Harkins DM, Patra KP, Moreno A, Lehmann JS, Purushe J, Sanka R, Torres M, Webster NJ, Vinetz JM, Matthias MA (2012) PLoS Negl Trop Dis 6: e1853 Whole genome analysis of Leptospira licerasiae provides insight into leptospiral evolution and pathogenicity.
182705942008Picardeau M, Bulach DM, Bouchier C, Zuerner RL, Zidane N, Wilson PJ, Creno S, Kuczek ES, Bommezzadri S, Davis JC, McGrath A, Johnson MJ, Boursaux-Eude C, Seemann T, Rouy Z, Coppel RL, Rood JI, Lajus A, Davies JK, Médigue C, Adler B (2008) PLoS One 3: e1607 Genome sequence of the saprophyte Leptospira biflexa provides insights into the evolution of Leptospira and the pathogenesis of leptospirosis.
169737452006Bulach DM, Zuerner RL, Wilson P, Seemann T, McGrath A, Cullen PA, Davis J, Johnson M, Kuczek E, Alt DP, Peterson-Burch B, Coppel RL, Rood JI, Davies JK, Adler B (2006) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 103: 14560-5 Genome reduction in Leptospira borgpetersenii reflects limited transmission potential.
342641072021Inácio J, Muñoz-Mérida A, Ahmed AA, Rocha T, Mesquita JR, Thompson G, Goris MGA, Hartskeerl RA, Ferreira AS (2021) Microbiol Resour Announc 10: e0021721 Draft Genome Sequence of a Leptospira kirschneri Serovar Mozdok Type 2 Strain Isolated from a Horse in Portugal.
342959522021Philip N, Jani J, Azhari NN, Sekawi Z, Neela VK (2021) Data Brief 37: 107261 Genomic data of Leptospira interrogans HP358 isolated from rodent captured from the human leptospirosis suspected areas of Selangor state, Malaysia.
345916762021Shamsusah NA, Agustar HK, Amran F, Hod R (2021) Microbiol Resour Announc 10: e0072321 Draft Genome Sequence of Leptospira yasudae Strain BJ3, Isolated from the Soil of an Ex Situ Wild Animal Conservation Area.
127122042003Ren SX, Fu G, Jiang XG, Zeng R, Miao YG, Xu H, Zhang YX, Xiong H, Lu G, Lu LF, Jiang HQ, Jia J, Tu YF, Jiang JX, Gu WY, Zhang YQ, Cai Z, Sheng HH, Yin HF, Zhang Y, Zhu GF, Wan M, Huang HL, Qian Z, Wang SY, Ma W, Yao ZJ, Shen Y, Qiang BQ, Xia QC, Guo XK, Danchin A, Saint Girons I, Somerville RL, Wen YM, Shi MH, Chen Z, Xu JG, Zhao GP (2003) Nature 422: 888-93 Unique physiological and pathogenic features of Leptospira interrogans revealed by whole-genome sequencing.