The BIGSdb website Policy concerning the platform & data use agreement and the privacy notice of BIGSdb-Pasteur was updated on March 25, 2024. Please consult it before using the platform and the data.

The procedure for submitting data for curation were updated on Mai 03, 2024. Please consult them before making a new submission. If any questions, contact us.

If you are a new user, you can create your account through the web site Register for a site-wide account and next register your account with the database(s) in which you wish to submit data via the automated submission system. If you already have an account associated with a database, you can reset your password, update your profile and register your account with specific databases in the site-wide account settings page.

You can then submit all data (isolate’s records and sequence data) for allele and profiles definitions through your BIGSdb-Pasteur submitter account. Once your submission is completed, you and the curators will automatically receive a notification. For more information about how BIGSdb-Pasteur handles your data please read our Policy.

When the new sequences are submitted to BIGSdb, the BLAST algorithm incorporated into BIGSdb identifies already known sequence variants or marks an unknown variant for curator verification. After verification by a curator, a novel allele number is assigned. Based on the analyses of 545 core genes, cgSTs (core genome Sequencing Types) and cgCGs (core genome Clonal Groups) are defined. cgSTs represent profiles that differ by no allele other than for missing data and cgCGs are defined by a single-linkage clustering threshold of 40 allelic mismatches. I.e., CG is defined as a group of cgMLST allelic profiles differing by no more than 40 allelic mismatches, out of 545 gene loci, from at least one other member of the group.

You must provide sample's minimal metadata as well, which includes some important characteristics of isolates, for example, isolate identification name/number; country where the strain was isolated; biological source of sample; year of isolation; serogroup and serovar; etc. We encourage the researchers to upload as much information about patients and samples if available. You can download the template for Leptospira isolates metadata here.

Before working with BIGSdb, we strongly recommend you to read the BIGSdb manual.

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