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  • Basmaci R, Bidet P, Yagupsky P, Muñoz-Almagro C, Balashova NV, Doit C, Bonacorsi S. 2014. Major intercontinentally distributed sequence types of Kingella kingae and development of a rapid molecular typing tool. J Clin Microbiol. 52(11):3890-7. PMC 4313220

  • Basmaci R, Yagupsky P, Ilharreborde B, Guyot K, Porat N, Chomton M, Thiberge JM, Mazda K, Bingen E, Bonacorsi S, Bidet P.. 2012. Multilocus sequence typing and rtxA toxin gene sequencing analysis of Kingella kingae isolates demonstrates genetic diversity and international clones. PLoS One. 7(5):e38078.PMC 22693588

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