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Schemes are collections of loci. They may be indexed, in which case they have a primary key field that identifies unique combinations of alleles. The following schemes are indexed.

NameDownloadProfilesDescriptionCurator(s)Last updated
AbST99MLST-style typing of the aerobactin locusKat Holt, Federica Palma, Margaret Lam2022-09-13
MLST6,284The standard 7-gene MLST scheme, initially defined by Diancourt et al. in 2005.Virginie Passet, Radek Izdebski, Carla Rodrigues, Mélanie Hennart, Kat Holt, Federica Palma, Marit Andrea Klokkhammer Hetland, Margaret Lam2022-12-05
CbST82Colibactin typing scheme using allele combinations from the clbABCDEFGHILMNOP loci.Kat Holt, Federica Palma, Margaret Lam2022-07-27
RmST171rmpA, rmpD & rmpCMargaret Lam2022-03-15
scgMLST629_S16,528An update of scheme scgMLST initially identified in Bialek-Davenet et al, 2014. This 629-loci scheme is described in Hennart et al, 2021.Federica Palma2022-12-08
SmST49MLST style typing of salmochelin locusKat Holt, Federica Palma, Margaret Lam2022-03-15
wzi617This scheme contains a unique gene, wzi. Profiles numbers are identical to wzi alleles, and some of them are linked to capsular types as defined by phenotypic serotyping.Carla Rodrigues, Kat Holt, Virginie Passet, Federica Palma2022-07-28
YbST599Typing scheme for yersiniabactin virulence operon (ybtS ybtX ybtQ ybtP ybtA irp2 irp1 ybtU ybtT ybtE fyuA).Kat Holt, Federica Palma, Margaret Lam2022-07-18