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FASTA Export

Summary: Export FASTA file of sequences following an allele attribute query

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Sequence Similarity

Summary: Find sequences most similar to selected allele

This plugin will return a list of the most similar alleles to a selected allele, along with values for percentage identity, number of mismatches, and number of gaps. Clicking on the link for each returned match will lead to a sequence comparison page, identifying the exact nucleotide/amino acid differences between the query and most similar sequences.


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Sequence Comparison

Summary: Display a comparison between two sequences

This shows the nucleotide/amino acid differences between two selected alleles/variants.


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Locus Explorer

Summary: Tool for analysing allele sequences stored for particular locus

This plugin generates a schematic showing the polymorphic sites within a locus, calculate the GC content, codon usage, and generate aligned translated sequences for selected alleles.


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