BURST analysis

This is the original BURST algorithm, developed by Ed Feil, first implemented by Man-Suen Chan. This version has been adapted for use as a plugin for the BIGSdb database software by Keith Jolley.

BURST analysis can be used to:

  • Divide strains into groups according to their allelic profiles.
  • Count the number of Single Locus Variants (SLV), Double Locus Variants (DLV) and Satellites (SAT) for each sequence type (ST).
  • Identify the potential Ancestral Type (AT). These are shown with an asterisk next to their names in the results table.

Graphic representations of BURST groups can be saved in SVG format. This is a vector image format that can be manipulated and scaled in drawing packages, including the freely available Inkscape.

Select ids

Paste in list of ids to include, start a new
line for each.


Select scheme:

Group definition: profiles match at loci to any other member of the group [n = number of loci in scheme].