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  • Diavatopoulos DA, Cummings CA, Schouls LM, Brinig MM, Relman DA, Mooi FR. Bordetella pertussis, the causative agent of whooping cough, evolved from a distinct, human-associated lineage of B. bronchiseptica. PLoS Pathog 2005, 1(4):e45. PMID 16389302

core genome MLST B. pertussis

  • Bouchez V, Guglielmini J, Dazas M, Landier A, Toubiana J, Guillot S, Criscuolo A, Brisse S. Genomic Sequencing of Bordetella pertussis for Epidemiology and Global Surveillance of Whooping Cough. Emerging Infectious Diseases 2018, 24(6):988-994. PMID 29774847

core genome MLST Bordetella genus

  • Bridel S, Bouchez V, Brancotte B, Hauck S, Armatys N, Landier A, Mühle E, Guillot S, Toubiana J, Maiden MCJ, Jolley KA, Brisse S. Genomic library of Bordetella. bioRxiv 2022
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