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Genomic taxonomy of K. pneumoniae

A dual barcoding approach to bacterial strain nomenclature: Genomic taxonomy of Klebsiella pneumoniae - Hennart et al. preprint has been published on bioRxiv!

A proposal to build genomic taxonomies of bacterial strains using a dual approach combining single linkage clustering and life identification numbers into a single cgMLST-based multilevel classification system.

Here, the 634-loci strict core genome MLST (scgMLSTv1) initially identified in Bialek-Davenet et al, 2014 was reassessed, and an improved cgMLST scheme of 629-loci (scgMLST629_S) for K. pneumoniae Species Complex genotyping was provided.

This Hennart et al. 629-loci cgMLST scheme has been incorporated into the BIGSdb-Klebsiella nomenclature server.

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